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Submit Your Own 6M2!

Are you an established fan production group with a killer idea that nonetheless wouldn't survive a long-form treatment? Or are you in a club who wants to try their hand at videomaking, but don't know how to begin? The Six Minute Movie is the place for you in either case.

By making a Six Minute Movie, you experience the following:

Less production angst. In many cases it takes just an afternoon to tape a 6M2, and just a few hours to edit.  It's a lot easier to get people to commit to an afternoon than several months of shooting, after all. And in the editing suite, doing a 6M2 doesn't take long, but is long enough to say, learn new editing or effects software.
Near-instant gratification. You can conceivably complete a 6M2 over a weekend, from scripting to premiere.
Easy distribution. You send it to us, we put it up and tell the world that it exists. People come and view, and even rate it. No tapes to dupe. No costs to keep track of. No worries.

Convinced? Then please read the Submission Guideline FAQ for the important details.



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