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The Six Minute Doctor's Birthday

Presented by BTR
premiered 23 November 2003
The Doctor and Guy arrive in Shorncliffe, intending to spend the afternoon having some rest and relaxation after the events in Townsville. Fighting off Autons and Nestene squids is sure to take it out of you, and so spending some time at a quiet beach somewhere seems like just the ticket.
However, Guy hasn't told the Doctor the real reason why he wanted to come here. Guy has a plan. A secret plan. A secret plan involving a secret of the Doctor's. We all know the Doctor keeps secrets, but what could Guy have possibly learnt about the Doctor that has compelled him to want to follow the path he has chosen?
In over a thousand years, there is a particular event the Doctor has rarely involved himself in. This year, however, he isn't going to be given a choice - it's his birthday, and Guy wants to ensure the Doctor has a good time. But will the Doctor manage to live to see his birthday? A certain "outer space robot person" might have other ideas...
This brand new 6M2, from the producers of The Six Minute Survivor, is a humorous look into an often neglected area of Doctor Who debateó the whole issue of the Doctor's age. Containing both comedy and in-jokes for the fans, this film is designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the world's longest running science fiction series.
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